The Organization

The plans were finished in 1980 and Apple Valley Senior Housing officially opened. Apple Valley Senior Housing is made of of 30 one-bedroom apartments, three of which have been designed to accommodate the handicapped. These are in 4 single-floor buildings spanning the 10 acres of property. Each apartment is approximately 600 square foot in size and includes an interior entrance as well as an outdoor patio entrance.


A board of 12 and corporate board of over 50 direct the corporation. The members of both boards are residents of the Town of Peru or surrounding areas.


The Board

First row, left to right:

Terry Cioppa, Karla Downs, Arletta Duprey and Ruth Hamilton

Second row, left to right:

Michelle Timmons, Secretary; Rodney Brown, President; Mark Hamilton, Vice President and Diana Aguglia

Missing from photo: Scott Sartwell

The Staff

The AVSH staff is a dedicated team made up of the facility manager and two support personnel. Through their dedication and hard work Apple Valley is a clean, safe, comfortable place for all its tenants and visitors.


Kathy Flynn



Sue Douglas

Ricky Doyle